The Dallas Cowboys are a dissapointment!  I could sugar coat it, but why do that?  Through 5 games they have a record of 2-3 and could easily be 5-0.   Sometimes it is important to tell it like it is in life.  This team has the potential to win the Super Bowl, but potential means nothing if you cannot finish a game. Cowboys fans have to be sick thus far because their team seems to have the lead late in every game and somehow they find a way to lose.  Dallas has lost 3 games by a combined 11 points .  To add insult to injury, they have domintated 3 of the league's better teams in the Jets, Lions, and Patriots but have not been able to seal the deal and get the win.

I have said this before, close counts for horseshoes and hand granades.  In order to win in the NFL it is imperative that a team plays for 60 minutes.  It seems like the Cowboys can play for 3 quarters or so but down the stretch they crumble like a clay statue.  The heart of a champion is determined by their ability to finish off their oponent.

Playing from behind is no way to build confidence from week to week in the NFL.  Lately the theme for the Cowboys has been playing for the win with around 30 seconds to go in the game.  The problem is that they are 80 yards from the promise land with no timeouts, playing discouraged football because they should be celebrating the victory.

Things appear to be getting worse in big D, owner Jerry Jones criticized Jason Garret's play calling at the end of the New England game.  After the loss to the Lions QB Tony Romo litteraly blew Jerry Jones off as he tried to either comfort him or tear him a new one after the choke job.

Tony Romo has all of the tools to be a championship quarterback, but his inconsistent play kills the team.  One minute he is a hero leading the boys to a heroic win in overtime with a broken rib and a punctured lung.  The next he blows a  27-3 lead against the Lions.

With a remarkable defense and so many exceptional players on offense it will be a real shame if the Cowboys do not make the playoffs.  The season is still young and they are fortunate to play in a weak NFC East division.  One thing is for certain, if they don't win soon we may look back years from now and call these Cowboys teams " the best that never was."

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