In wake of the recent news that Cowboys' defensive end Randy Gregory was suspended indefinitely for once again violating the NFL's substance policy, it has become clear that Dallas needs to part ways with the talented, yet troubled individual.  While this may be a difficult decision for the organization to make, considering the thought of having Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence on opposite sides of their defensive line, it is one that needs to be made as Gregory is clearly on a continuous downward spiral.

To put things into perspective, Gregory will now be serving his fourth suspension since entering the league with the Cowboys in 2015.  Following a solid 2018 season where he played 14 games and compiled 19 solo tackles, two forced fumbles, and six sacks, it seemed as things were looking up for Gregory's future and there was an abundance of optimism for the talented player that he is.  But the latest suspension should be the straw that broke the camel's back, as it is difficult to justify having a player on your roster who spends more time off the field than on it.

The 26-year old was suspended for the entire 2017 season and was banned twice in 2016 for an additional 14 games as well.  It is understandable that the Cowboys want to try and help Gregory to get over his issues and continuously give him chances considering how young he still is, however, enough is enough already as the organization needs to move on and focus on either drafting or acquiring another pass rusher via free agency.

According to his attorney, Gregory could return next season despite the 'indefinite suspension' if he 'does the right stuff like last year.'  In the meantime, Dallas has no first round pick and a total of only six draft picks, therefore they certainly need to utilize them wisely, perhaps a defensive end should be a top priority now.  Anytime the Cowboys have been successful defensively it has been due mostly to a solid pass rush, and if they want that trend to continue next season, then acquiring help on the D-line is a must.

Perhaps the Cowboys also need to take a deep look at their team as a whole and management should take notice to the fact that since 2014 Dallas leads the NFL in suspensions with a whopping 15 players serving them since then.  Generally speaking, teams that win consistently and are run well, and don't continuously see players getting suspended virtually every season; just a thought.

The sad thing is that Randy Gregory could just be a once in a generation type of talent, but we will never know how great he could be, as his career has been ridiculed by substance abuse and suspensions.  Potential is a wonderful thing to have and being blessed with talent is a gift that not everyone is fortunate enough to possess.  If you don't know how to use your talent, then all the potential in the world could then be lost, and what a shame that it.



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