The Dallas Cowboys are a team with a stellar defense but an offense that despite having arguably the best running back in the game is average at best; hence being ranked 22nd in the NFL this past season.  Dak Prescott displayed signs of brilliance at times last season, and the acquisition of Amari Cooper proved to be rather significant.  However, if Dallas truly wants to contend in the near future, then they need to drastically improve their offense, and the way to do that would be to pick up Antonio Brown from the Steelers.

Odds are that free agent Cole Beasley will most certainly leave the Cowboys and the team still doesn't have a dominant tight end ever since Jason Witten retired.  At this point what do the Cowboys have to lose by picking up Brown?  You're probably thinking, he comes with way too much baggage, an attitude problem, is a diva, has had recent issues off the field, is 30 and set to make $39 million over the next three seasons.  Is it really worth it to take the risk associated with picking Brown up?

This next season may very well be Jason Garrett's last as the Cowboys head coach unless Dallas makes a deep playoff run, and even then his job may not be safe.  So why not go after Brown and try and make that Super Bowl run, especially if they can acquire him for a second or third round pick.  Look at how much of a difference that Amari Copper made in the short amount of time he was with the Cowboys last season, imagine Brown opposite Cooper with a healthy offensive line, Zeke in the backfield and Dak Prescott with time and another year of experience under his belt.

Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in football, stats don't lie as he is tied with Marvin Harrison and Brandon Marshall for the most seasons with 100 receptions and 10 receiving touchdowns in NFL history.  When its all said and done, he may very well be better than the great Jerry Rice.  The Cowboys have dealt with plenty of drama in the past with troubled players, but Brown could be the missing piece of the puzzle to take this team to the next level.  I can assure you that that Cowboys' current offense clearly won't take them to the Super Bowl.

New offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is supposed to be a guru, considering what he learned from his days at Boise State.  Taking chances in life is important as it helps one grow as an individual, its time for the Cowboys to take a big chance and do what is necessary to acquire Antonio Brown, as he could just be the cherry on top for a team that is desperate to finally become relevant again in the postseason.



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