I know I’m not the only one who has wondered - can you buy the huge stuffed animals at Adventure Zone in El Paso?

The answer is coming, but first a backstory.

Call it a Masters hangover. A weekend full of golf on the TV had my 6-year-old wanting to play.

He was working on his putting game throughout the weekend. We thought the itch was scratched, but an impromptu trip to Adventure Zone for a quick round of mini golf called.

And then of course some games.

That then took us to prize time. And naturally, my head tilted up. High in the rafters you’ll find giant stuffed animals in desperate search of a new home.

We’re talking Sonic, Elmo and a few others.

Here’s the problem: you need 16,500 points to claim one of those bad boys.

Anyone who’s played game there before knows that’s a ridiculous amount of points. We hit a couple bonus and jackpot wins and still only had 1,420 points.

So it had me wondering - can you BUY one for the right price?

Welp, I asked how often people ask that question. Turns out I’m not alone.

But I hate to disappoint, the answer is…


The only way you’re taking one of those home is with 16,500 points on your card. And unless you’re really good or lucky, that means you’re probably spending hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours playing games.

My 6-year-old probably thinks that sounds like a great idea.

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