The name of a restaurant at the Chihuahuas new home is, City Hall Grill. And people are upset by this? Are you kidding me?

Come on, people. The Chihuahuas are saluting the space where the ballpark resides. This is not an insult at all. If anything, its paying respect to the building that came before it.

Stop hating and being so defensive, El Paso. You know who you are. This IS happening and the Chihuahuas are moving forward with or without you.

Instead of worrying about what you think, we could use our time wiser by thinking of cool names for the food to be served at City Hall Grill!

I want some "Nacho City Hall" Nachos. Or give me a side of the guacamole "explosion" dip. What about a Lesser Burger with cheese? Can I please have a "Wilson" Hot wings? Do they come with blue cheese or ranch? How about every hotdog is named after a councilman? A basket Cook Fries?

I am serious, this grill is going to BLOW UP! Too soon? Who cares.