Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

Today's show includes a discussion on the British Open and if Tiger Woods can win his first major since 2008.

We also talk about Kobe Bryant and how he is ahead of schedule to return to the team, and the prospect of LA signing Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James in 2014.

We talk about the Dallas Cowboys, including their off season changes, and preview their up coming season.

Finally, we talk about Anderson Silva's knockout, and the MLB All-Star game.

My special thanks to educator Frank Galindo for joining me on today's show.

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Here is Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman and Frank Galindo.

"Lee Trevino loved playing at Muirfield, and he said that for some reason great players play great there."

"Kobe's not very flexible with his salary, if you recall Michael Jordan, the greatest ever took a lot of pay cuts so that he could get some talent in Chicago."



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