Sometimes Thanksgiving can get boring with the same holiday dishes. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and all that good stuff is expected, but what if you could get it as a pizza?

What if someone crammed all that holiday goodness into a burger?

Well, foodies and Thanksgiving lovers rejoice. In El Paso, Texas you can get a Thanksgiving dinner pizza and burger at two beloved local restaurants.

Thanksgiving Pizza from The Pizza Joint

This flavor-filled Thanksgiving pizza is an annual treat for El Pasoans but caught the eyes of Good Morning America, back in 2020. This year, The Pizza Joint even created a vegetarian style of their iconic holiday pizza!

Undisputed Craft House's Thanksgiving Burger

This is the first time I am hearing of a Thanksgiving burger and I am impressed. As you can read what makes up the burger, seems to be a good blend of Thanksgiving flavor. Not sure if you can get away with serving this at your holiday gathering, but it might be worth a taste for those curious about the creation.

A bonus holiday treat for those foodies who might want to try an alcoholic treat. Beernog.
Yes, Beernog is a thing made for the holiday season and honestly has me intrigued just by the name.

As a lover of eggnog, I don't know how to feel about this drink because eggnog is already a filling drink, and beer just really bloats me. My brain might be thinking that this would be a tummy trouble starter but my heart is set on having a little taste of this holiday treat. I did reach out to Undisputed Craft House to ask how to bring this drink home, as a good gift for the holidays or you can just give it to yourself; and it is possible. Thanks growlers.

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