The parents of the roughly 40 high school senior that were suspended don’t think the prank was a big deal.

“They had planned to fork the field”, explained one parent in the small community of Comfort, Texas. In case you’re unfamiliar (I was) “forking” is when you take as many plastic forks as you can and stick them into the ground. Brandon was the only person on the MoSho who had heard of this prank and he likened it to “t.p.-ing”…throwing rolls of toilet paper all over your targets yard, trees and house. To me, forking actually sounds LESS annoying that TP-ing. Getting TP out of your trees seems like MUCH more of a pain than picking up plastic forks.

About 40 students in the 2021 graduating class of Comfort High School were suspended for the Senior prank, which came as a surprise to many of the parents. According to them, the field forking seemed like a pretty harmless prank. One parent said, “A lot of us thought this was their way of pranking US”. That is, the suspensions seemed so out of proportion they thought school administrators were continuing the hijinks with some “fake” suspensions. But, the suspensions are not a joke and the students, many of them in the top percentile of their class, will spend the rest of their final year in In-School-Suspension.

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As this report details, a FEW of the students who forked the field later went into the High School, after hours, and moved some things around. No property damage or vandalism was reported, just a few balloons, some tilted wall art and some saran wrap. Some of the parents admit their seniors participated in the field forking and they don’t think it’s fair that their kids are getting the same punishment as the kids who went inside the school. It’s kind of like if a group of people were doing some minor infraction…loitering, say. Then, after they went their separate ways, a handful of them went out and committed a more serious crime…let’s say “treason”. You wouldn’t charge the loiterers with treason so the field forkers shouldn’t be punished like the kind-of-but-not-really-vandals.

Our senior prank was MUCH funnier but also much more criminal in nature. I wasn’t there that night and, as far as anyone has ever been able to prove, my only contribution was in the planning stage of our senior prank. Here’s what ALLEGEDLY happened.

About a week before the end of our senior year SOMEONE…again, I’m not admitting anything…put the jocks and popular kids in touch with the vocational education kids. These were the kids that you knew from Junior High who had been put on a different “track” than everyone else so you really only saw them if they were walking between wood shop and the automotive building.

One of our teachers had a Datsun hatchback that was known as the smallest car in our town. Using the automotive know-how of the Vo-Ed kids and the muscles of the jocks, they somehow managed to partially disassemble the car, squeeze it through the double doors, RE-ASSEMBLE it inside next to the teacher’s lounge. Now THAT was a prank worthy of suspension!

Did you have a great senior prank and, if so, did you get punished for it? Let us know!

Here’s the report about the fork prank that got half the graduating class of Comfort High suspended.

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