The Texas Rangers emerged as the winners in the bidding war that now allows them the chance to sign Japanese phenom pitcher, Yu Darvish. The bid came at a steep price, though, at a reported $51.7 million.

“Our organization has scouted Mr. Darvish for the last several years and has been very impressed with his abilities and accomplishments. We believe he would be a great addition to the Texas Rangers pitching staff,” the team said in a statement.The Rangers’ offer set a new record for the most expensive bid, besting the $51.1 million the Red Sox paid to speak to Daisuke Matsuzaka in 2006. Now, the Rangers have 30 days to sign Darvish, or else he’ll return to Japan and the Rangers will recover their initial bid.

What makes Darvish so special? See a sampling of his arsenal, below:

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