Dating is not the easiest thing- and there are so many different apps now that it can get easy to lose track of them all.

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Dating is especially hard when you hear people's crazy stories about getting cheated on!

I think everyone worries that they'll get cheated on when they get into a new relationship; unfortunately it's just one of the things you risk when dating! However, here in the Lone Star state, if you're a woman and you find yourself talking to someone new and are curious if you're the only one- there's now a way for you to find out, and you don't even need to try and sneak a peek at this phone!


A Facebook group that I recently got invited join is exposing men left and right! The group is called "Are We Dating the Same Guy? Texas". It's a private group that you have to be admitted to and it has thousands of members in it.

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The point of the group is to expose men who are cheating, lying, abusive and just all around a bad guy. Women upload pictures of the men they are dating or are in a relationship and ask "are we dating the same man?" If any other woman has information on the man, they will let you know!

I thought it was a joke at first, but it looks like this page is helping out women all across Texas find out if the man they have is being loyal to them!

Courtney Clayton via Unsplash
Courtney Clayton via Unsplash

This isn't the first time I've heard of a group like this, a couple of years ago a Facebook group was making the rounds here in El Paso with a similar title; unfortunately it got taken down.

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