Y2J On 600 ESPN El Paso
We don't have the chance to have wrestlers on SportsTalk that often even though we talk about wrestling from time to time. What a great time today and what a way to start the show than with a guy better known as a WWE Superstar and now the front man for his band, Fozzy. Chr...
Arkansas Fan Still Hog-Wild for Razorbacks [VIDEO]
Arkansas may have dropped from No. 8 to completely out of the Top 25 after losing to Louisiana-Monroe last Saturday, but that hasn't stopped their fans from being hog-wild for the Hoggies. This bizarre musical tribute video from a Razorbacks' fan is proof of that.
Olympic Fun: So Call Me Lochte [VIDEO]
At the risk of overloading the internet with Carly Rae Jepsen ripoffs, we present a "Call Me Maybe" parody -- meaning nobody's lip-syncing the song in a mass transit vehicle, they're making funnies by writing their own lyrics. This one's by a group called NOC, which …

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