All bands and artists have things they want/need backstage when they perform. When Jelly Roll hits El Paso, it's not going to be the usual food, equipment and booze.

Nope, not jelly roll's from the legendary Bowie Bakery. (Although, I could use a few of those myself. Maybe some donuts. Just sayin'.)

Anyway, Jelly Roll is coming to El Paso September 9th. (Get tickets here.) He, like most every other artist in the world, has a "rider". Basically, a list of demands and he has an interesting one.

Most entertainers have a technical rider which spells out what they want for the actual performance. What type of PA system, special instrumental needs, stage size minimums, lighting requirements, etc, etc. "Favors" ... get it?? HAAAAAA!!

They also have a hospitality rider that details their needs for food and drink as well as other incidentals and "creature comforts". Over the years, there have been some weird requests.

That's another article though. Actually, that's probably a series of articles as I've handled a bunch over the last 20 years. By my count, all the Balloonfest's, Street Fests's, KLAQ BBQ's and non-KLAQ shows I've worked puts me somewhere around 600 of these things.

I've seen some stuff. We'll stick with the Jelly Roll rider though which includes one thing even I haven't seen before.

What Are Jelly Roll's Rider Requirements?

He's pretty normal over all but he does need "rich people" water (??) and socks. He's not the first "sock-er" either. Candlebox had the same request back when Jelly Roll was just a 'lil dab of dough.

What really got my attention is something he brings along himself. A personal, "two-seater" sauna. Yeah, really ... jump to about 9:30.

"I tell ya the most frivolous thing I'm taking on tour, if that's what you're searching for here. I'm taking a sauna and cold-plunge on tour. It's like a small like two-seater, it's like really small but it's something I'm just too anchored into that not to take it." -

In case you're wondering, no ... "skinny dipping" isn't allowed.

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