Ever since it opened in 2014, Levi Stadium has been plagued with turf issues. So for Super Bowl 50, the NFL oversaw the installment of the new turf that was going to be used for the game.

Players from both teams noted how good the field looked before the game, but once the game started, the field started giving players problems. For example, in this play which you can see below, Carolina Panthers' offensive lineman Michael Oher tries to blocks Denver Broncos' defensive lineman DeMarcus Ware. Oher does his job in blocking Ware, but problem is that field is so bad that Oher looks like he's a blocking dummy that teams use in practice. It even looks like he's on skates.

There's no debate that Denver's defense was amazing at the Super Bowl, but this didn't help.

You can see the video courtesy of Jonathan Jones Twitter account.