No that's not a pun or play on words. In the last year, there have been an increase in dojos popping up in the state of Texas. As of right now there are 5 official dojos all specializing in the sport of sumo wrestling in Texas.

What is Sumo Wrestling?

The sport of sumo wrestling dates back to the days of ancient Japan; dating way back to 712 AD. The sport is simple: two big men would try to push each other outside of the ring. The one who's still in the ring, is the winner.

For decades it's treated very highly in Japan; some regarding it the national sport of Japan. Today the sport can be seen overseas in America, thanks to the works of the United States Sumo Federation, the official sumo wrestling organization in the States. They're the organization that makes the official decisions on which dojos are true sumo wrestling dojos

Where can you sumo wrestle in Texas?

They have clubs all over the country, including the 5 official dojos in the state of Texas:

The biggest dojo club is the one in Dallas & they travel to various tournaments held around the state.

The Lone Star Club also has an official YouTube channel where they post their training & fights are people who might be interested.

Even as of recently, people have been sharing information on Texas sumo wrestling on Reddit, in hopes of getting new members to join. I'm not sure if this will be as popular as football or baseball. HOWEVER... time is crazy and you never know.

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