Steph Curry is nearly impossible to guard, but he's not as tough to keep in check as another Curry out there.

After Curry torched the Rockets for 34 points to lead his Warriors to a Game 1 victory in the Western Conference Finals, he sat down for the traditional postgame press conference, which turned out to be anything but traditional.

That's because Curry's 2-year-old daughter, Riley, stole the show by doing the things a 2-year-old will do. You know, waving, pretending to sneeze, running amok under a table.

Steph is the MVP, so, of course, he gets to trot out his little girl. And it's adorable when you're team is winning. We get the feeling there wouldn't be nearly as many laughs if anyone from the Knicks or 76ers brought their kids out with them to talk to the press after losing their 15th game in a row.

The Warriors were certainly amused by Riley's antics:

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