For many of us, attending the annual St. Anthony's Bazaar is a Labor Day Weekend tradition. Before COVID, the yearly fundraiser for the Franciscan seminary was three days of Loteria, cake walks, live entertainment, and stuffing yourself with those locally famous gorditas and glorious enchiladas.

Because of the pandemic, the seminary cancelled the kermes last year, and even though the coronavirus isn’t raging across through El Paso at the speed it was last year the Franciscan Brothers are going to play it safe and not hold a bazaar this year either.

It’s really for the best. Not just because the of the variants and the number of people who choose not to be vaccinated, but can you imagine walking around in the hot El Paso sun all masked up with temperatures hovering near 100? ¡Ay, Dios mío!

As bummed as you may be about their decision, no one is more disappointed than the friars. The annual kermes is how the seminary makes most of the money to pay its bills and continue its teachings throughout the year.

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But here’s the good news: no bazaar does not mean no legendary gorditas and enchiladas in your belly.

Drive Thru Gordita & Enchiladas Sale

Like last year, St. Anthony’s will be hosting a drive-through gorditas and enchiladas plate sale -- this way you don’t miss out on the eats the bazaar is famous for, and seminary can still raise money to continue doing their work.

From Saturday, Sep. 4 to Monday, Sep. 6, each can be purchased drive-through style at separate locations. Both are $6 an order. No, It won't be the same without the cake walks and hokey but fun games like Loteria, but at least you can keep part of the tradition alive.

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What To Know If You Plan To Go

● The gorditas and enchilada plates will be sold at two different locations. Gorditas can be picked up at St. Anthony’s seminary, located at 4601 Hastings Dr., the enchiladas at St. Francis de Assisi Parish, located at 5750 Doniphan Dr.

● Parking lots at each location will be set up so people can drive in, pay for their order(s), and pick up without getting out of their vehicle.

● Because the plates are being sold drive-through style, there will not be any walk-up service.

● Labor Day Weekend only, September 4-6, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day.

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