As you all know already, and if not then *SPOILER ALERT*, the face of the San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan has retired. Definitely a legend and respectable player, The Big Fundamental's roster spot is not easy to replace. In fact, it is irreplaceable. So how will the Spurs be able to move on without Timmy?

Before we get into how I believe San Antonio will do without Timmy here is how the Spurs have done throughout Duncan's tenure. The least amount of wins they have ever won with Tim Duncan on the roster is 37 in 1998-99 (his second year as a pro). However, that was a lockout year and they only played 50 games, losing only 13, and had a win percentage of .740. Oh, and they won the championship, their first ever along with Timmy getting his first of three NBA Finals MVP awards. Pretty impressive right? Well here is another impressive note, they have NEVER missed the NBA playoffs while Duncan was on the team. Basically, five championships, two regular season MVP awards, three Finals MVP awards, fifteen All-Star selections amongst other great feats, The Tim Duncan Era has been remarkable to say the least.

Just how will the Spurs do without Duncan? I will lay it down in four syllables... Gregg Pop-o-vich. You see, Tim Duncan has been an exceptional player throughout the years but Coach Pop has a lot to do with Timmy and the Spurs success. Finding guys that other teams wouldn't develop as well such as Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Boris Diaw, Stephen Jackson, Bruce Bowen, Danny Green, etc. Coach Pop has a knack for not only winning but also developing players or taking players who have experience and making them better. To name every player that Coach Pop has turned into a winner is an endless task so I will go ahead and cut straight to the chase.

There is a new era in San Antonio and the face of the franchise is, as of 2013-14 Championship season, Kawhi Leonard. Not to mention they also have a really good power forward in LaMarcus Aldridge. Those two guys will definitely carry the team to the playoffs and eventually find success. Oh, and they got a veteran big man named Pau Gasol in the off-season.

The Spurs will be just fine and continue their winning ways as long as Popovich and Co. continue their ball-movement. Even Danny Green said that after their record setting 2015-2016 NBA season that although they won 67 games in the regular season, they still weren't clicking like they should be. Which is extremely scary.

Don't worry Spurs fans, basketball in the 210 will still feature a lot of excitement and winning.

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