It's safe to say that no team has moved the needle the past few seasons like the New York Jets.  Rex Ryan 'took' New York City like a tour de force, and has left fans and the media in his wake every step of the way.  Whether it's his bold predictions or in your face style, the media loves Rex and Rex loves the media.

Cultural icon Tim Tebow was added in the off season.  The Jets have maintained that incumbent starter Mark Sanchez and Tebow will split snaps during the season.  New York has concocted a scenario where Sanchez will lead the team between the 20s and Tebow will use his battering ram strength and unwavering will to lead the team into the end zone.

Although most people have focused on the quarterback situation, Rex Ryan's defense will be solid.  We know the defense will do its part.  People everywhere are dying to see how the offense will function.  Will fans clamor for Tebow the second Sanchez struggles?

Eric Allen is a writer for  Allen may be drinking the green kool aid, but he is convinced Sanchez has improved his accuracy and Tebow will only help the team.  We Shall see!

Win or lose the Jets still have fireman Ed!