There is a new era in Indianapolis.  For the first time since the Clinton administration, Peyton Manning and general manager Bill Polian are no longer with the organization.  Manning is now with Denver, and Polian is out of the NFL.

New Colts gm Ryan Grigson didn't have to labor long over his first ever draft pick.  The Colts went 2-14 in 2011 and earned the number one pick.

Stanford's Andrew Luck will help ease the post Peyton hangover.  Luck is the best quarterback prospect since, you guessed it, Peyton Manning.

The team is largely in rebuild mode, but Luck will expedite that transition the way Manning did in the late 90s.

Brad Brown is the weekend sports anchor for the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis.  Brad is a lifelong Colts fans, and has to remind the young whippersnappers in the area that 2-14 used to be par for the course in Indy.  Manning spoiled Colts fans and Luck will likely do the same.

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