The 2012 NBA playoffs have entered the conference finals round. Just four teams remain to fight it out for the 2012 NBA title.

Among the remaining teams alive in the NBA playoffs are the Boston Celtics, who have had sustained success since acquiring Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in 2007. Garnett and Allen have teamed with Paul Pierce to form “The Big Three” and lead Boston to five consecutive winning seasons and one NBA championship (2008).

In addition to being the NBA’s all-time leader in three-point field goals and a 10-time all-star, Ray Allen has dabbled in acting. Allen is a co-star of the Sports Movie of the Week, ‘He Got Game.’ In the 1998 drama directed by Spike Lee, Denzel Washington and Ray Allen star as father and son duo, Jake and Jesus Shuttlesworth.

A blossoming New York City basketball star, Jesus (Allen) is the most coveted high school basketball prospect in the country. His estranged father Jake (Washington) is in prison at Attica for killing Jesus’ mother in a family spat. Jake is conditionally paroled for a week, so he can persuade Jesus to attend Big State University, the alma mater of the governor of New York. During that week, much interpersonal drama occurs that tests, and illustrates, the character of both father and son.

Five Reasons to Watch ‘He Got Game’

1. For someone who had never acted before this film, Ray Allen does a commendable job in a role that required him to do more than just play basketball. He was nominated for Best Breakthrough Male Performance at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.

2. Spike Lee’s trademark cinematography and direction are on full display, as he uses settings and angles to help carry off the film.

3. NBA players Travis Best, Walter McCarty, John Wallace and Rick Fox have extended roles in the film.

4. Allen and Washington play a real one-on-one game in the movie. While the contest was originally scripted, Lee allowed the actors to play an actual game and recorded that footage for use in the finished film.

5. NBA players Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller, Bill Walton, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley make cameo appearances.

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