It always intrigues me to travel to different places and see what types of sports that the locals follow in various countries.  Last week the Iceman and his fiancé Miriam had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas. 

Our trip was fascinating as we visited Freeport and Nassau.  Both of these islands are located in the Eastern Caribbean, just east of Florida.  The locals, or Bahamians as they are called on the islands, were rather friendly, courteous, and made us feel quite welcomed as visitors to their country.  While on Freeport I had the opportunity to talk to several Bahamians about the type of sports that they enjoy to watch and participate in.

Some of the sports that they mentioned are soccer, cricket, basketball, swimming, golf, track and field, and volleyball.  I asked a few of the locals in Nassau about Cricket, a game introduced in England in the 16th century which involves a paddle and a ball, and two teams of 11 players each.  The Bahamians love this game in particular and play it due to the British influence over the country.

The British influence over the country is the same reason why they drive on the left side of the road, if you have never been to a place where they drive like this, it is quite unusual and hard to get used to.  Some of the people I spoke with loved to swim, considering all of the amazing beaches that the country has, I can see why.  The islands have numerous spectacular golf courses, so it was no surprise that the locals love to play golf as well.

Overall our trip to the Bahamas was one that neither myself nor my fiancé will ever forget.  I think their culture, hospitality, and love of various sports makes the islands a perfect place to visit.