As I watched in awe, I wondered if this was the worst call in NFL history? A bad call does not come close to describing what this final call actually was.

As the Seahawks lined up for the final play of the game, you had to wonder if the ending to this game was going to  be the perfect ending to and already crazy NFL week 3.

As Russell Wilson launched a final prayer to the end zone, Golden Tate pushed Sam Shields out of the way, leaped in the air and tried to grab the ball after M.D. Jennings who had already caught the ball for an interception.

Or so everyone thought.

(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

As Jennings came down with the ball and Tate grabbed it, the replacement refs called it a touchdown for the Seahawks.

The play was sent to the booth for further review and the touchdown was still given to the Seahawks. You are kidding right? The guys in the booth didn't overturn the ruling on the field? This makes the bad call even worse, if that is even possible.

Is this the straw? Surely after this debacle the NFL will do everything in their power to bring back the real refs and get rid of the replacement refs? Right?

Watch it quick, because they may just pull it down!

(Courtesy of You Tube)