Basketball star Russell Westbrook saw the funny side when a Foreigner track was used to troll him during a disastrous game.

The Los Angeles Lakers player shot a dismal two for 14 against the Sacramento Kings on Friday, leading the Kings to name him “Ice cold player of the game” on the big screens. On top of that, the arena DJ played a clip of Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice” each time Westbrook missed the basket.

Westbrook didn’t notice the stunt during the game – but asked afterwards for his reaction, he took a moment to point out that his career playing record stood against his current slump. “That’s funny,” he laughed. “I hope they played that the last 14 years too. It’s funny, them playing that. That’s cute.”

But the Kings' joke appeared to backfire after the NBA took a dim view. “As much fun as it was to see a visiting player like Russell Westbrook of the Lakers last night identified as the ‘Cold as Ice’ player of the game, a source with the NBA tells me that the bit used by the Kings will not be allowed to continue,” ABC10 reporter Sean Cunningham tweeted.

“Cold as Ice” appeared on Foreigner’s self-titled debut album in 1977. The single reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, although it had originally been used as a B-side for “Feels Like the First Time” until its potential was better recognized.

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