It's a problem most of us would love to have. Rory McIlroy has tickets to the Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight, but he might have to play in the quarterfinals of the World Golf Championships - Cadillac Match Play. 

You might think the world's No. 1 golfer is hyper-focused on one of the year's biggest tournaments. After all, it features 64 of the sport's best players and the first place payout is $1.57 million. But McIlroy, like many sports fans, has been waiting for this fight for a long time.

"It never happened, so sort of waiting five years for this to happen," McIlroy said. "I always said if these two guys fought each other, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to go. Luckily, we're somewhere close, and hopefully I'm still part of this tournament at that time, but it just wasn't an opportunity that I was going to miss."

The good news is that the golf tournament is being played in San Francisco while the fight is in Las Vegas, which is a 90-minute flight. Should McIlroy's quarterfinal match go the distance or to extra holes, he might not have enough time to make it to the MGM Grand for 8 pm local time fight.

Tickets for Mayweather-Pacquiao were selling for as much as $55,000 per ticket on Seatgeak as of Friday afternoon so you can understand why McIlroy wouldn't want to let them go unused. Don't feel sorry for him though. If he's still playing on Saturday evening, he's guaranteed at least $285,000.