It's no surprise KLAQ's, Scott Ronson, is a man of his word and a man that comes from the land of ten-thousand lakes. ESPN El Paso's, Crystal Dominguez, is woman from Northeast El Paso -- yet has been a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan for over a decade. So, what does this mean? A bet, of course.

Ronson walked the halls of KLAQ wearing his throwback Brett Favre purple jersey as Dominguez came through with her crisp Josh Freeman jersey certain her 2-4 team would surely come through with the victory over the Vikes.


It's midway through the season and this Thursday Night Football game is not exactly a marquee matchup for the league, but in the building of Townsquare -- there's a bet-a-brewing.

Ronson claims when he wears the Favre jersey, his team never loses. The Vikings are currently 5-2 this season and 4-0 at home. Tampa Bay hasn't won a game away from home since their last visit to the Twin Cities since the 2011 season. The Bucs also won their last five meetings with the Vikings.


Ronson: Vikings: 27 Bucs: 13

Dominguez: Bucs: 17 Vikings: 9

The Bet? Ronson has to cohost Sports Spin with Andy Lee if his Vikes lose. Dominguez has to go into the unknown territory of rock-and-roll and host Ronson's show on the Q.

Because quite simply exchanging jerseys to spite one-another was out of the question.