Forget Zika -- it sounds like athletes at the Summer Olympics should be more wary of chlamydia.

The world's best athletes will be descending on Rio for the upcoming Games, although it sure sounds like there it will be more like fun and Games. According to CNN, 450,000 condoms will be handed out to the roughly 11,000 athletes, which comes out to about 42 per person.

That's more than three times the previous high for condoms given out at an Olympics.

Considering the problems with shelter, the Zika virus and water, the athletes don't need the added headache of evading the STD landmine, as well, but it appears that may be in the cards.

The International Olympic Committee has been handing out condoms to athletes since the 1988 Summer Games, but it sure sounds like the exotic locale of Brazil is going to get more gold medal hopefuls in the mood. Here's hoping that while they may set records for speed on the track or in the pool, they don't follow suit in the bedroom.

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