Since 1988, Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo has been a fixture in sports radio. The former longtime partner of Mike Francesa on WFAN in New York has spent more than seven years hosting afternoon drive on his own channel, SiriusXM's Mad Dog Radio. Besides his extensive sports knowledge, Russo is also known for his loud style and often mispronounces names of athletes.

It has become an annual tradition for Mad Dog to play Super Bowl Trivia on his show during the week leading up to the Pro Bowl. In order to win a trip to the Big Game, a caller needs to correctly answer four questions from Russo. To say Super Bowl Trivia is tough is an understatement. It is borderline impossible, yet at least one caller is able to pull off the feat every year. Maybe they can Google the answers in record time or they just know everything about the history of the Super Bowl. Despite the contest's popularity, Russo has little patience when it comes his callers. Yesterday, one of his trivia questions was which Green Bay Packers offensive lineman was introduced last during Super Bowl 1? As you listen to the unedited audio, Russo's fuse gets shorter and shorter until he explodes on his unsuspecting callers.

After listening to that clip, it is simply radio gold. It also should send a message to our listeners who complain that our trivia questions are too difficult.