Pacific Coast League President Branch Rickey III was in town yesterday for the revealing of his league's newest team and town to talk Chihuahuas Baseball, along with new announcer Tim Haggerty, who's seen a few unique team names in his baseball travels.

Both men talked positively about the Chihuahuas, though Rickey admits some reservations about the choice of the team nickname. Haggerty talked about his first job in baseball -- another team with a name that probably no one outside of the area would even get, much less get after.

Plenty of people have been getting after the Chihuahuas after Mountain Star's big revealing ceremony yesterday at the Plaza Theater.

Mountain Star Sports Group hired Brandiose, a San Diego-based branding company, to come up with the team's name, logos and branding.

That said, Rickey was very happy with the progress the franchise and the ballpark were making; while Haggerty and his wife are looking forward to settling into their adopted city having moved to El Paso just one week ago.