The Jersey summer is heating up. We had a brutally hot week last week with a very early heat wave. Of course, most NJ residents are looking to cool off have a favorite/go-to swimming place. For most it's the Jersey shore and the Atlantic Ocean. Many are fortunate enough to have a back yard pool or access to one of New Jersey's numerous lakes.

I told the story this morning about getting thrown from a raft on a river in Colorado and finding myself under the boat. I can still feel the cold water and the surrounding darkness underneath the raft as I patted my way to the edge, eventually finding the surface.

Patrick Lavery reported on a man who drowned in a local lake and even though we don't know all the circumstances surrounding his death, it got me thinking about preventable tragedies.

Many people take the ocean for granted, thinking that since the beach is such a replacing, happy place for most, the ocean must be totally safe. For the most part it is, but there's a reason lifeguards line the Jersey Shore and we have "protected" swimming areas.

We heard stories of swimmers and surfers on the show this morning and we were joined by a swimming safety expert, who happens to be the wife of news anchor Patrick Lavery.

Kristen Lavery had some good advice about situational awareness.

Listen to that conversation here:

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