It has been four days since Dustin Johnson won the 2016 US Open, his first ever major title. However, despite the USGA controversy that nearly became the story of the final round, it was his fiance Paulina Gretzky and her short white dress that made the headline.

Paulina, the daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones, has never been someone to shy away from media attention. FOX Sports knows that, which is probably why they continued to shoot Johnson and Gretzky from the back side as they were walking up the steps to the clubhouse following his final round win. Some people might be outraged at the TV network for focusing too much on Gretzky and her skin tight dress. I don't think too many male golf fans had trouble with the cameramen's decision, which is still FOX's number one demo for their sports coverage. In fact, nobody seems to care when networks show female beach volleyball players wearing next to nothing or female tennis players sweating through their tops. Gretzky has the figure and enjoys showing it off. Sex sells, especially in the sports world.

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