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Texas barbeque is many things: a passion, a skill, an art, and a labor of love. A thing of beauty, really.

I don't mind paying a premium over other types of food for it. I understand that good meat is very expensive, in fact, meat prices rose over 11% last year. Additionally, Texas pit barbeque also requires a huge amount of skilled labor to execute properly, and we all know that labor prices went up as well. Even owner pitmasters have to compensate for everything being more expensive in their lives as well, whether it's the rent of their building or the cost of wood, etc.

All this understanding and empathy aside, this plate is just pathetic for $26 dang dollars.

Please sir, may I please have a palmful of brisket and one sausage link? Also, that potato salad looks bland and that's not enough sauce, either.

I don't know the name of the restaurant, all I know is that it's in Harlingen, which is very south Texas. And maybe I'm just being a hater and this is the most succulent, mind-blowing palmful of brisket that's ever been. It could be worth $26, but personally, I wouldn't spend the money.

Luckily, it's easy to research most barbeque places beforehand. Texas Monthly, a beautiful and well-respected publication, puts out lists each year of the best barbeque to be found throughout our great state. I also like to look for recommendations from local food groups or bloggers, if my friends and family aren't sure where to go (they generally are quite sure- they are all Texans).

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