It's been over a year since Joe Paterno passed away, and it's been over six months since former FBI director Louis Freeh released his damning findings concerning Paterno and Penn State's role in the Sandusky trial.

Because of his name and reputation, Freeh's report was almost universally accepted as gospel, and the NCAA used it to levy harsh penalties against Penn State.  Naturally, the Freeh report did not sit well with the Paterno family, and shortly after its release, the family commissioned their own report.

The Paterno family hired their own 'experts' to review and challenge all the findings of the Freeh report.  That report was released today, and it reiterates what Paterno defenders have maintained all along; that the late coach hid nothing and acted in an appropriate manner when approached by Mike McQueary.

This is as much a p.r. move by the Paterno family as it is a quest to find the truth.  At this point, the Paterno family knows they are fighting a mostly uphill battle to restore Joe's former legacy.  It's unlikely that many people will read the full report and change their mind, but it may some create some doubt in the public conviction of Joe Paterno.

Only Joe can say exactly what he knew, and what his motives were, but we all know that isn't possible.  To read the full report, click here.

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