The Green Bay Packers were on the verge of knocking off the undefeated LA Rams on Sunday until running back Ty Montgomery fumbled a kickoff with 2:05 remaining in the game.  The scene was set for one of the top quarterbacks in the league in Aaron Rodgers to do what he does best, and march down the field with 1:56 left, down by two-points 29-27, and lead his team to the comeback win.  That was before Ty Montgomery decided to blatantly defy his coaches' instructions to take a knee in the end zone and instead take a chance by returning the kickoff which resulted in one of the biggest blunders we've seen this season.

Several of Montgomery's teammates noted that they believe that he defied coaches' orders to take a knee in the end zone because he was notability upset on the sidelines for being kept out of the Packers' previous possession.  Without question, this was a despicable move by Montgomery and it is my belief that due to his immature action, that it cost his team the game, and therefore, he should be cut from this organization immediately.

The expression, "there is no I in team" was made for a moment like this, as his team desperately needed this win, and most importantly, proved that they can go into a hostile environment and  hang in there with the best team in the NFL, only to have their hearts broken in the final minutes because of one individual's selfish actions.  Let's face it, there are only so many golden opportunities in football, and without a doubt, the 3-3-1 Packers lost in the worst possible fashion, and it could even prevent them from making the playoffs in the end.

The main point here is that no player is above the team and should ever, under any circumstances disobey coaches' orders.  This is not only bad for the organization, but also for the team's confidence and makes you wonder what else Montgomery is capable of doing.  After this fiasco, he simply can't be trusted.  Some people may say the Packers need his services, I beg to differ as former Miner Aaron Jones is an outstanding running back and displayed his talents by getting the start at LA and finishing with 86 yards on 12 carries, and a 33-yard TD.

Obedience is something any employee should offer an organization they work for, when they start causing problems and disobey direct orders, its time to say goodbye, simple as that, therefore, the Packers need to bid Ty Montgomery adieu.

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