This is what happens when you are pressured to perform and lose at the Olympics: You turn to drinking.

Team USA running star Nick Symmonds — who placed 5th (lost) in London for the 800m Olympic race — took part in the time-honored (not that long really) tradition of the “Beer Mile.”

What’s that, you ask? (We’ll forgive you this once. Once!)  The Beer Mile consists of a runner (or random drunken dude) drinking a full can of beer at the start and again every quarter-mile mark of the race.

Sad news for the 28-year-old former Olympian though. Symmonds ran the mile in 5:15. He fell shy (by 6 seconds!) of the world record of 5:09, set by Canadian marathoner Jim Finlayson.

Bested by a Canuck, eh? Ouch. We fear what this loss will turn him onto.

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