Some people would argue that an individual would be nuts to turn down a potential opportunity to play in the NFL.  This is exactly what former Ohio State linebacker Andrew Sweat has decided to do. 

Recently Sweat had the chance to make the Cleveland Browns roster as an undrafted free agent.  He turned down the Browns and has decided to attend law school instead.  Certain people may say that Sweat is giving up a remarkable opportunity to possibly play for an NFL team.

After all, he did play for The Ohio State University, a program rich in football tradition, and one which is generally competing for a National Championship just about every season.  So why not take his exceptional talents to the NFL?  Only so many people are even offered the opportunity to play for an NFL franchise.

A few reasons come to mind.  First of all Sweat realizes that being an undrafted free agent has its obstacles.  Making the Browns roster is no sure thing for him.  Sweat, who suffered a concussion in college is also concerned with the health risks associated with playing in the NFL.  One can certainly criticize Sweat for this decision especially since he has already faced potential injuries while playing college football.

The NFL is a different story though.  The athletes are faster, stronger, and the game will take a toll on a person's body, especially if they play long enough.  Today we are linking concussions to depression and it seems as though numerous former football players' injuries are catching up to them.  In the past year alone Junior Seau and a couple of other former NFL players have committed suicide.

Sweat didn't make the wrong decision to go to law school, when choosing a career a person should consider their health.  After all, it is really all you have in life.  Playing in the NFL is a more prestigious career, but is certainly a lot more dangerous too.  Sweat's father has a very successful law firm, and will eventually help his son find a good job in the field of law.  Last time I checked being a lawyer was a pretty good profession.  The bottom line is, when it comes to a career, it is important to do what you want in life, as long as it makes you happy.