Cars are made better and safer now than at any other point in history, they burn fuel cleaner and they pretty much tell you when maintenance is needed. So, why are we still paying for inspections?

This Texas Senator gets us and wants to do away with these freakin' things.

It's good to have stuff checked out but, hell we can check 'em. Headlights, for example, are either on or off. If they don't work at all, you'll know after you get a really expensive ticket. (Trust me, to avoid that, we'll keep stuff working.) More reasons to lose this BS law:

  • Windshield wipers. Again, spending a little or a lot, (new blades vs. scratched up windshields), means we'll maintain them.
  • Brakes. Not that many people are in a hurry to die ... and that squealing noise is irritating as s**t ... so, if they get too bad, folks will repair them.
  • Horns. The only time people use them is when they do no good (sitting at a red light or at the drive through for example.) If yours breaks,no biggie.
  • Blinkers. No one uses them, who cares if they work?
  • Brake lights. Between the slow pokes and the traffic construction, all you see around here are brake lights. Really, they've lost their meaning.

This law is so unnecessary...

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