Buzz mentioned on the show this Monday that there were only 6 arrests in Philadelphia (some reports say there were zero related to fans) after the Eagles secured a spot in Super Bowl 52. And it looks like my theory was correct. Eagles fans didn't suddenly become model citizens. The cops just say "f*** it, I don't want to deal with this."

Another Eagles game, another horse gets punched.

Of course there's this guy that couldn't catch the train.

Then we move onto 'eye-patch guy'

It's just not a celebration without bonfires.

Greased poles be damned

This remind anyone of the Sun Bowl clip?


And then there's this guy

Clearly the greased poles weren't doing what they were supposed to

What do they think of Brady?

And to cap everything off, how about we ride a dune buggy up the steps to the Rocky statue.

This has to be one of the roughest Super Bowls for Cowboy's fans since, well, the Patriots and Eagles squared off in Super Bowl 39.

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