Who -- or what -- haunts the University of Texas El Paso? The short answer is that's there's no short answer.

The campus has been around for over a century and, boy, does it have a haunted history. The UTEP Student Alumni Association will share tales of the university's paranormal past on Friday, Oct. 21, during its 15th Haunted Campus tour.

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Fans of the historical and the supernatural will be entertained with stories of the spirits rumored to roam its buildings and visit the locations where supernatural activity is said to occur.

Campus sites that will be visited during the guided walking tour will include Cotton Memorial, Fox Fine Arts, and the Psychology Building.

The Hauntings: Fox Fine Arts Center

Merch HÜSEY via Unsplash
Merch HÜSEY via Unsplash

Legend has it a restless spirit of a former student or university employee who fell to their death from the upper balcony haunts the Recital Hall.

History isn’t very clear who he or she once was or what exactly happened, but the ghost has supposedly been spotted many times over the years sitting quietly in the area he fell from observing the living below.

The Hauntings: Psychology Building

The prominent paranormal haunting in the Psychology Building is an old-timey radio said to turn itself on.

After dark, when the halls are silent and students and faculty have left for the day, a faint sound of the radio dial being flipped through the stations as if someone is searching for a specific program or genre of music can sometimes be heard quietly echoing in the building.

But here’s the thing: the old radio doesn’t have any internal parts, so how is it even possible? And who or what tinkers with it?

What to Know If You Plan to Gho(st)

The University of Texas at El Paso Facebook
The University of Texas at El Paso Facebook

Attendees will also learn about the ghostly goings-on at Cotton Memorial, Benedict Hall, and Old Main

If the Haunted Campus walk sounds like the kind of spooky Friday night for you and your boos and besties, meet up at Leech Grove (corner of University and Wiggins Rd.) on Friday, October 21, between 6 and 11 p.m.

You don’t have to be a UTEP student to attend; "Haunted Campus" is open to the public. Tickets are $6 in advance if purchased online before midnight October 19, $10 the day of.

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