Now that Week 2 of the 2012 NFL season is in the books, what exactly did we learn, if anything?

NFC East:

Dallas- The Cowboys had 10 days to get ready for the Seahawks and rookie QB Russell Wilson and looked horrible. That was just Dallas being Dallas, right? And you can't blame Romo this time for a loss in Seattle.

Washington-  If not for Joshua Morgan's personal foul penalty, the Redskins would have had a fighting chance at being 2-0. Strange thing though, RGIII looked better in the loss than in the win. Plus the loss of Orakpo is going to hurt the rest of the way.

Philadelphia- A win is a win. Right? Didn't I say that last week? I still don't understand why the Eagles keep letting Vick throw the ball all the time. They need to start giving the ball to McCoy more or the clock is going to strike 12.

NY Giants: The Giants played well enough to get the win. But to do that Manning had to throw for 510 yards. This cannot continue and most likely will not continue. An even bigger issue is the secondary, it needs to be fixed  fast.


(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

NFC North:

Detroit: The Lions were out matched on Sunday night. Then again almost everyone that is going to face the 49ers will be. Stafford started to come around and that is a good sign. Detroit will be fine, no need to panic at the moment.

Chicago: What a difference a week makes. There is still something there but Forte's ankle is going to hurt more than just Forte and as usual, Cutler is being Cutler. When is he going to grow up?

Minnesota: Last week the Vikings win with a last second field goal, this week, they lose to one. The jury is still out on these guys. Still, not quite sure what to make of these guys. They were down and fought back against the Colts. I good sign.

Green Bay: Let's chalk this one up to Jay Cutler and leave it at that.

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NFC South:

Tampa Bay: What a performance the Bucs had on Sunday. Vincent Jackson looks to be the Vincent Jackson of old and Mike Williams looked good as well. They just can't continue to get into scoring battles, not sure they are good enough to do that yet.

Atlanta: The fireworks after the game were bigger than during. To say the Falcons didn't need Michael Turner getting arrested for a DUI is an understatement. Not to mention, they almost let Denver come back and win. Atlanta needs to learn how to put a game away.

New Orleans: 0-2? With the fire power at Brees's disposal, the Saints should be able to out score everyone, even with a less than average defense. Looks like Sean Payton means more to this team than everyone thought.

Carolina: Cm Newton came to play against the Saints and it showed. It was also nice to see Stewart and Williams  run the ball well. Steve Smith played well too. Carolina could be turning a corner.

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NFC West:

Arizona: Defense and special teams won were the main reason the Cardinals upset the Patriots Sunday. Now, to find a QB to get Larry Fitzgerald the ball.

San Francisco: The best team in the NFC right now. Alex Smith controls the game well, Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter are a great combo and it was nice to see Michael Crabtree stepping up. The defense is outstanding.

Seattle: The special teams provided a spark and Russell Wilson played solid once again. Marshawn Lynch was a beast. The Seahawks could turn out to be the surprise team of the year.

St. Louis: It seems St. Louis is drinking the Kool-Aid that Jeff Fisher is serving and it looks like the Rams are turning a corner. It looks like it.