Now that Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season is in the books, what exactly did we learn, if anything? 

AFC East:

NY Jets- After what has to be considered one of the worst pre-seasons, the Jets showed us why the pre-season doesn't matter. Even if it was Buffalo, Mark Sanchez and every part of the Jets looked to be in mid season form. Now lets see what happens on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

New England-  Tom Brady was  Tom Brady, and the rest is exactly what everyone has come to expect from the Patriots and the Hoody. But, there is a bonus this year and that would be Steven Ridley. Could he be the answer to what the Pats need to put them over? We will have to wait and see.

Buffalo- With Fred Jackson on the shelf for at least 3 weeks and David Nelson gone for the year with a torn ACL, all the defensive moves need to really pay off now. For some reason, I don't see C.J Spiller doing what he did on Sunday every week.

Miami: Did you see HardKnocks?


AFC North:

Baltimore: What a performance in the second half on Monday. If Flaco continues to back up his "I am an elite quarterback" statement and the defense plays the way it played, this team could be a real threat come January.

Cincinnati: Lets hope we see the team that showed up in the first half more than the team that played the second half. The last thing this franchise needs is a nose dive after last season.

Cleveland: The Browns made their bed when they chose to go with Brandon Weeden. There is no turning back now. If Weeden can find his receivers, Trent Richardson is going to see 8 in the box for the rest of the year and he may not make it through it. Plus, losing Hayden for 4 games doesn't help.

Pittsburgh: The Steelers are still in the top of the AFC and had they not run into a buzz saw named Peyton Manning, they just might have gotten the win and Denver.


AFC South:

Houston: After a slow start, the Texans made Miami look silly. This year the Texans are going to do that to a lot of teams. With health on the side of Matt Schaub and Arian Foster and again with a solid defense, Houston could be the new kinks of the AFC South.

Tennessee: Jake Locker showed signs that he could be the quarter back of the future for the Titans but if Chris Johnson can't find his old form, it is going to be a tough year in Nashville.

Indianapolis: Andrew Luck played a lot better than people have given him credit for. Keep in mind, Luck is all the Colts have this year. Lets hope it gets better but I just don't see it.

Jacksonville: With MJD back, the Jags lost a heart breaker to the Vikings on Sunday. The most positive thing to come out of the loss? Blaine Gabbert actually looked like a quarter back. If Gabbert has turned a corner, a good year could be ahead of Jacksonville.


AFC West:

San Diego: What could be the last year of the Norv Turner era got off to a good start. The new acquisitions of Meachem, Royal, and Brown all played pretty well. Rookie Melvin Ingram was outstanding. Lets see how the weeks unfold before we get to excited.

Denver: Peyton Manning was the old Peyton Manning, which is not a shock no matter what people say. Thomas and Decker have adjusted well to Manning and his play calling. The defense turned it on when they needed too. This could be a great year t be a Bronco fan.

Kansas City: According to a lot of people, finishing the last season on a high was supposed to translate into Romeo Crennel leading the Chiefs back to the top of the AFC West and the playoffs. After Sunday though, it looks like the same old Chiefs.

Oakland: New owner + new GM + new coach = no difference. At least for Week 1.