In another smart move by a professional sports organization to return to as much normalcy as possible as quickly as possible, the NFL has sent out a new memo to teams about vaccination expectations.

The National Football League on Tuesday issued a league-wide memo detailing their expectations for critical operation staff's vaccination efforts.

While not formally requiring the vaccine, the NFL will not allow those who choose not to get vaccinated the same access as those who do.

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According to ESPN, the memo reads "any staffer that refuses to be vaccinated without either a religious or medical reason will not be eligible for Tier 1 or 2 status and therefore will not be permitted access to the 'football only' restricted area and may not work directly or in close proximity with players."

Furthermore, ESPN reports that "Non-vaccinated employees also won't be eligible for an anticipated relaxation of certain COVID-19 protocols for vaccinated individuals."

I personally think this is the absolute best way to go about the pursuit of as many vaccinated employees as possible.

You aren't requiring it, which keeps you out of a litigation battle and it adds incentive to get a much-needed vaccine during a pandemic.

Other leagues have said similar things and offered incentives for athletes to get vaccinated from less testing to the removal of restrictions.

Currently, this policy doesn't include the players as the NFLPA and the NFL continue to work out those details, this pertains to coaches, executives, medical personnel, video specialists, and anyone else who works with the players on a daily basis.

For more information on the National Football League, their teams, and news surrounding the upcoming NFL Draft, you can visit their website.


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