We now present to you: a new way to define the term "frivolous lawsuit".

Luckily for us, two teams that have major ties to the Capital Region, the New York Jets and New York Giants, have both been named defendants in it. While I attempt to stifle my laughter, let's break down why MetLife Stadium's tenants are coming under fire.

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Meet Abdiell Suero, a Mad New Yorker

Now, a quick word of support for Mr. Suero before we, probably, end up ripping him apart. Suero is very clearly upset at the overall state of the union with the New York Jets and Giants, and quite frankly, I agree with that.

New York Giants v New York Jets
New York Jets fans / Getty Images

No stadium has seen a worse brand of football over the last half decade than MetLife Stadium. The Manning-to-Jones passing of the baton was dropped at the metaphorical starting line, and has yet to be picked up as of January 2022. Meanwhile, before Robert Saleh, the Jets reached a level of embarrassment and futility that few franchises have the honor of reaching in their existence.

That being said, the answer is filing a LAWSUIT over it?! Now that, I hadn't considered.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
MetLife Stadium before kickoff / Getty Images

A hat-tip to Jay Busbee of Yahoo Sports, who took the time to read the lawsuit filed by Suero and company, and condensed it down into some of its more eye-opening bullet points.

To summarize what the goal of the suit is, let me present you with this...

"122. Plaintiff and the class demand that the Giants and Jets remove the “New York” and “NY” designation from their name and merchandise until they return to the State of New York." - Suero vs. NFL et. al. via Yahoo's Jay Busbee

Yes, this is crazy on its own. We can't just give you the what, right? We also have to give you the "why".

The Reasons Behind Suero's NY Football Lawsuit

Here are a few of my favorite reasons for why this lawsuit is being filed...

  • First-time attendees are "unaware" that the teams play out of state
  • The round-trip to New Jersey is costly whether you take public transit or personal transportation
  • Public transit is confusing and icky
  • Empty seats at the stadium are only because of the stadium's location
  • "Plaintiff and the class are insulted, ridiculed, harassed, tormented, and bullied by NFL fans" because of the teams' locations

And, best of all...

"63. Plaintiff and the class have suffered mental and emotional damages including depression, sadness, and anxiety, as well as limited and damaged eustress, self-esteem, escape, entertainment, group affiliation and family needs as a result of Defendants’ conduct."  - Suero vs. NFL et. al. via Yahoo's Jay Busbee

Now, let's get down to brass tacks. What are the damages that the brave soul filing the lawsuit is looking to recoup?

"134. Plaintiff and the class demand $2 billion in compensatory damages and $4 billion in punitive damages." - Suero vs. NFL et. al. via Yahoo's Jay Busbee

And that, right there, is where you lost me.

Look, is it somewhat bizarre that sports franchises, including the Jets and Giants, brand themselves with a city or state that they don't actually reside in? Yes, of course it is.

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
MetLife Stadium, 2017 / Getty Images

That being said, there are TONS of reasons why doing this makes sense from a logistics standpoint. The location of the stadium itself, and its proximity to highways, hotels, businesses and nightlife is a huge factor in deciding where a team should exist. Plus, let's be honest with one another. Team owners are looking to make the most money possible while spending the least possible. Moving a team outside of a big city, while still being in close proximity to its namesake, is a great way to do this.

A few small extra points. Giants and Jets fans aren't abused and harassed and tormented because of where their stadium exists in the world.

New York Giants v Los Angeles Chargers
Giants head coach Joe Judge / Getty Images

Giants and Jets fans are harassed and tormented, because of the New York Giants and New York Jets. Seats are empty because the teams SUCK. I would prefer that someone sue the Giants for emotional abuse. At least that suit would have some reality attached to it.

In conclusion: consider finding a hobby, Abdiell.

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