In an announcement made in Seattle earlier today (July 23) from the site of their future home -- Climate Pledge Arena (formerly Key Arena) -- the National Hockey League's 32nd and newest franchise officially revealed the team name and logo/colors.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome the Seattle Kraken!

The unveiling and explanation of how the name came to be was part of a hype video the club rolled via a live stream on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A teaser video on YouTube was released yesterday (July 22) hinting at what the name might be. It featured fishers in the Puget Sound pulling a net out of the water only to find a lamp. As they pondered it, a ferry boat blasted its horn, a` la when a goal is scored, and the red lamp magically lit up.

The team also rolled out a new website and has merchandise and other swag already available to purchase at

Some detractors of the name choice point out that the team's fans will be referred to as "Krak Heads" and the arena will be dubbed the "Krak House". Others, meanwhile, are embracing it. Within less than an hour after he reveal, Yakima resident Justin "DJ Dough Boy" Surginer created a Facebook group page for new fans called "KrakHeads - Official Seattle Kraken Fans".

T-shirts are already being printed. Seriously.

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The team's logo was also hoisted atop the city's iconic Space Needle.

How cool will it be when the home team is introduced each game with this introduction from "Clash of the Titans"?

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