We love our pets.  They are our companions and for some, they are our children.

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We as the human race tend to spoil our pets rotten.  They deserve only the best because they give us their unconditional love. Luckily, there is a new store in Amarillo that will help us to continue to spoil our furbabies.

Three Dog Bakery

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

Three Dog Bakery is located at 3562 S Soncy Rd in the Soncy Market Shopping Center.

Three Dog Bakery was founded in 1989.  It got its start after a rescue pup named Gracie was getting sick off of regular dog food.  The founders began making treats and food that Gracie could eat, and the rest was history.  They wanted to share this goodness with the world.

Fast forward to 2023 and Three Dog Bakery is making its way to Amarillo with all the yummy goodness your pets will love.  Franchise owner Angie Castillo has brought this fun-loving bakery to Amarillo.  Her first Three Dog Bakery opened in Lubbock in 2013, and working on another location in Texas.

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

This amazing bakery has the cutest treats and homemade treats for dogs.

We don't use sugar or salt, anything that looks like pure chocolate is carob which is safe for pets, it's all human-grade ingredients.

Angie told us that she has tried all the treats herself.  Even though they look like bakery items that would be perfect for a human, these are perfect for your pets.

The treats are baked fresh right in their kitchen located inside the bakery.

Three Dog Bakery isn't just a bakery, they have everything your pets could need.  Accessories, like collars, leashes, bandanas, toys, and even cute birthday hats.  They also have all-natural chew toys, including antlers and other natural bones.

They have a wide selection of foods for your pets as well as bulk treats.  You and your furbaby will love this bakery.

The goal of Three Dog Bakery is to become one of your "love stores".  When you come in, you will find exceptional customer service, and exceptional treats and products.

Join Three Dog Bakery for its grand opening.

The grand opening will be on Saturday, May 13th, from open to close.  They will have light refreshments,  huge discounts, and giveaways all day long.  Store vendors will be on-site to talk about their products and what benefits they can have for your pets.

Oh and don't forget to bring your furbabies with you, on a leash of course.

Three Dog Bakery Opens in Amarillo

Treat your pets to their very own bakery treats!

Three Dog Bakery is open in Amarillo and located in the Soncy Market Shopping Center. They have a huge selection of freshly baked pet goods. Not to mention a huge selection of accessories, toys, and pet foods.

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