With the emergence of NBA sharp-shooter Stephen Curry’s rise to stardom in the NBA, it seems as if the entire world has been all glued to the tube watching him chuck deep ball after deep ball. But just north of Oracle Arena in this man’s hometown of Oakland remains a point guard who doesn’t shy away from hitting a three point dagger, and that guy is Damian Lillard.

In case you are unfamiliar or forgot about Damian, here is a quick reminder.  

As incredible as his numbers are, they are not as staggering as this. Why is that staggering? Because his name is not on there. A star studded roster of point guards such as Dell Jr, Westbrook, and CP3 were the selected point guards but no Demon Lizard on that list. Shocking right? The man who had 17 points in 3 minutes to come back from an 8-point deficit against a team with TWO STARTERS on that very same All Star Roster didn’t make the cut.

How does Damian feel about it? Well, he decided to take this matter to the music under the moniker Dame DOLLA to vent to the world about the snubbing with this gem “They Sleep.” Around the 2:09 mark is where Dame expresses his discomfort about the exemption, “I didn’t make the All Stars but i’m Flu Game sick, last time counted me out what I do? Game 6”.

 The Omen is referring to that same game winning three against the Rockets to advance to the second round of the playoffs. He didn’t make the All Star team that year either, and with four starters from last year’s team gone, he has the Blazers sitting as the seventh best team in the Western Conference at 32-28, plus it doesn’t hurt to have a player like CJ McCollum carrying some of the load on offense too.

If Lillard can somehow manage to keep this team where they are or remotely close, we have a chance to see a team with nothing to lose in the playoffs... and that could be scary for contenders. Lets just say that Portland finishes the regular season as the 8th best team in the Western Conference, that would most likely pit them against the Golden State Warriors. Dame DOLLA would be up against the Baby Faced Assassin Wardell Curry, Jr and every game would essentially be a home game for the Blazer Point Guard. Oh, and lets not forget that this is the same guy who dropped 51 points  on the same Golden State team who is on pace for the greatest regular season in NBA History.

It will be scary for whoever faces Dame’s Blazers in the playoffs if he can continue to carry the team the way that he has. So while “They Sleep” on Lillard and his Portland squad, you’ve been warned when you hear the alarm and see #0 tap two fingers on his left wrist. Its Lillard Time.