If NBA owners and players don’t come to an agreement by Monday to put an end to the current lockout, the first two weeks of the regular season will be canceled.

Complicating matters is the fact that talks won’t take place on Friday or Saturday in observance of the Jewish Holiday of Yom Kippur.

The season is still slotted to start on November 1, as planned, but the first 100 games are at risk if no deal comes together over the weekend. “There’s an extraordinary hit coming to owners and players,” commissioner David Stern said.

Just the cancellation of the preseason has already resulted in $200 million in losses for the league.

The players rejected a 50-50 split of revenue earlier this week, which would be a reduction for them from the 53 percent share they have now. There’s mounting pressure from fans to just get a deal done, even if it’s a bad one for the players.

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