With Major League Baseball trying to light the fuse on the 2020 season many teams are focusing on the health and conditioning of their players. And concerns about their coaching staffs are putting some on the bench. And not the team bench.

Earlier this week the Minnesota Twins made the announcement of shifting two of their coaches to remote roles this season due to the coronavirus pandemic and their ages. Bill Evers and Bob McClure will not be a part of the in-person coaching staff this season. Both coaches are in their mid to late 60's. According to Twins skipper Rocco Baldelli, "It's the safe and right thing to do."

And they are not the oldest coaching staff members in the majors. Look at Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker. He's 71 years old. Fellow coach Brent Storm is the same age. Dave McCay of Arizona is 70. In a report by Deadspin.com there are 11 MLB coaches and managers over the age of 65.

Then how about the umpires. We see these officials on the field and got to think about how they will be handling the season. Ten of which are 59 years old and older.

Will there be more announcements of coaches, players and umpiring staff sitting out this abbreviated season? Time will tell.

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