You know summer is slowly but surely approaching when outdoor activities start coming around. Living in El Paso always has some sort of outside activity that's family-friendly. Lately, it seems like our Chuco Town has had some decent weather.

If there is an experience that you should ever try before you die, is watching movies under the stars. You ever catch an advertisement of a family getting ready to watch a movie outdoors while under the stars and wished you could do just that? Well, now you can actually try out that experience first-hand thanks to The Meadows Farm.

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Yes, I get that there are movie theaters with insulation and all, but a movie outside sure does bring back good old times. Music Under the Stars was our way of powering up before another work week on Sunday Funday. There were a lot of attendees who enjoyed a free concert while under a sky full of stars at Chamizal National Memorial.

Well, now you and your family can enjoy watching a movie under the stars starting this Saturday, March 6. The Meadows Farm will be hosting Movies Under the Stars every Saturday from March 6 through April 24. But if you haven't experienced watching a movie under the starlit sky before at The Meadows Farm, ask that you DM in order to reserve your slot.

The movies under the stars will be held at 17901 Middle Island Rd. in Tornillo, Texas. The Meadows Farm will be charging $30 per picnic area that only allows 6 people per group. There will be food trucks and snacks on-site and will begin the movie at 7 pm or right after the sunset. You can either DM to reserve your slot through The Meadows Farm on Instagram or Facebook. Now you can enjoy a picnic and a movie under the stars every Saturday with your family. If you want an idea of what movies under the stars will be like just refer to the City of Murfreesboro, TN-Government video above.

Saturday, March 6
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

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