Mina Stefan is a NON-NUDE pin up model and was voted the sexiest girl on Twitter by the Playboy website The Smoking Jacket. Mina would really like to stress the fact she is a NON-NUDE model (hence the CAPS) and that’s the reason she is our crush today.

Far too often, a pretty girl on Twitter, Facebook or Reddit’s Jailbait section gets one little ounce of notoriety for her looks and FLOP all the clothes suddenly drop off. Sure, we love a gorgeous naked chick as much as the next group of men paid to ogle random women on the web all day, but how about a little suspense all you other quick-to-get-nekkid chicks? How about a little build-up to the nakedness? How about a little tease before all the clothes come off? That’s why we admire Mina’s stand on staying semi-clothed in photos. Good for you Mina.

OK, long enough, lose the top lady.