Monday was the Miami Heat Championship parade and most of my lucky friends got to go!

In case you missed it, which you probably already heard about it anyway, the Miami Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday 95-88.

All in all, since basketball season began, the playoffs and Finals were all great games. All of the teams gave it their all. Its all entertainment for all of us, and even though I am a Heat fan, I give the Spurs tons of props for the amazing games. Danny Green's 3 pointers were incredible and Tim Duncan was on top of his game.

Monday was the Miami Heat Championship Parade in South Florida (man, I wish I was there!) Last year, an approximate 400,000 or so people attended for their 2012 title. This year, it was calculated that approximate half a mil. people attended. Since I didn't get a chance to go, my friend Clary and her friend Chris took a bunch of awesome pics for me!

Check them out!!


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